2014HC-SEA_CourseMap_140116-012014 15k & 5k Course Map - Course will start and finish at the Seattle Center*

2015 course coming soon!


*Course is subject to change.


We hold our races to the highest quality standards, from start to finish, course design and accuracy, emergency medical plans that exceed industry standards all in the name of runners safety. Along those lines, all Hot Chocolate 15/5K RAM Racing events have a USATF sanctioned course whose distance has been certified for accuracy.

5K Elevation Map

2013 HC SEA_elevation map5k

15k Elevation Map

2013 HC SEA_elevation map15k

5K Course Description

15K Course Description

Course Road Closures

Pace Requirement

**Please note that a 15 minute mile pace or faster is required for both the 5k and 15k race distances. A 15 min. mile pace is roughly four miles per hour, equivalent to a very brisk walk.

If you fall below this pace, the race organizers can no longer guarantee course support. Aid Stations, medical support, portable toilets, and road closures will begin to become unavailable to participants. The local police and race organizers will ask you to either move up onto the sidewalk or require you to be transported further up on course to catch up to the 15 min. per mile group.

Course Cut-Off Locations (15k only)

For those runners who do not maintain a 15 minute per mile pace there will be two cut off locations. These cut-off locations are as follows:

Location #1: Northbound Aurora Ave. & Halladay St. (near Aid Station #2)
Cut-off Time: 9:10 AM (15 minute pace)
Approximate Mile: 5.0

Location #2: Northbound Aurora Ave. & 38th St.
Cut-off Time: 9:20 AM (15 minute pace)
Approximate Mile: 5.6