Race Info

5K start time – 6:45am*
15K start time – 7:45am*

*start times subject to change

**Recommended Race Day arrival time: 5k – 5:45am, 15k – 6:30am

Packet Pick-Up

Packet pick up will be held prior to the event at the Hot Chocolate Runner Expo.

Course Information

Please note that a 15 minute mile pace or faster is required for both the 5k and 15k race distances. A 15 min. mile pace is roughly four miles per hour, equivalent to a very brisk walk.

If you fall below this pace, the race organizers can no longer guarantee course support. Aid Stations, medical support, portable toilets, and road closures will begin to become unavailable to participants. The local police and race organizers will ask you to either move up onto the sidewalk or require you to be transported further up on course to catch up to the 15 min. per mile group.

Visit our Course Page for more information.

Start Corrals

Hot Chocolate 15/5k has designated corrals for all registered participants. Your bib will be marked with your assigned corral. Placement is determined by the pace per mile entered during the registration process.

All race bibs will be marked with their designated start corral. Each start corral corresponds to a wave. There will be 3 minutes between waves to maintain a safe, fast and fun course for all participants.

5k corrals will open at 6:15am. All 5k participants must be in their designated corrals by 6:40am. The 5k will begin promptly at 6:45am. The 15k corrals will open as soon as the final 5k runners have crossed the start line.

Gear Check

Gear Check is available on race day for all registered participants between 5:45am – 10:30am. Bags must be 12″ X 18″ or smaller. Please have the gear check tab from your race bib adhered to your bag prior to arriving at the gear check lines. RAM Racing is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged items.


Medical support will be provided at the finish line as well each aid station along the course.

Start Hydration

Start line water will be provided.

Chocolate Ambassadors

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