Transit And Parking - Participant Guide - Allstate Hot Chocolate 15k/5k SEATTLE

Transit and Parking Information

Parking + Transit

Arriving by Car

Check back soon for more 2021 race day parking information!

Race Day Parking at Seattle Center will be available at the Mercer Street Parking Garage and the 5th Avenue North Parking Garage. After 6:30am, the 5th Avenue Garage can be accessed from Denny Way by going northbound on Taylor and West on Harrison. Parking will be $15 per car. Having exact change will help expedite the process.

The Mercer St. exit both Northbound and Southbound will be highly congested. Please see the recommended driving direction alternatives below:

Driving Alternatives to Mercer Street
Southbound: Pass the Mercer Street exit and exit at Exit 166 (Stewart St. / Denny Way) and approach Seattle Center via Denny Way or exit at Exit 167 (Union St) and approach Seattle Center northbound through downtown.
Northbound: Exit the freeway prior to Mercer Street and exit at Exit 164A (Dearborn St. / James St. / Madison St.) or Exit 165 (Seneca St.) and approach Seattle Center through downtown.

There are numerous other parking options in the area. Click here to see a full map of available parking options. Just search for Seattle Center in the search bar, or you can search for a specific street address to see the available lot and street parking options.
Remember that unpaid parking is available on the city streets on Sundays. If parking on the street, please make sure you are in a legal parking space.

Arriving via Monorail

Seattle Center Monorail will open early at 5:45am for the Allstate Hot Chocolate 15k/5k. The Monorail is the fastest way to travel between downtown and Seattle Center/the Start Corrals. The train can carry up to 225 passengers per trip and departs approximately every 10 minutes.
We recommend that all race participants who plan on using the Monorail pre-purchase their monorail tickets through the mobile smartphone app, Transit Go Ticket:
1. Download “Transit Go Ticket” mobile app on your phone. Open the app, create an account, and add your payment information. The app works for Metro Buses, Link Light Rail, Water Taxi, and Seattle Streetcar too – tickets are the same price as if you were paying in-person.
2. Once you buy a ticket, it’s valid for one-week. If you’re planning on using the Monorail to get to and from the race, please buy two one-way tickets.
3. When you arrive at the Monorail, before you get to the cashier, you’ll need to open the Transit Go Ticket app, select the ticket under the “Use” section, and activate your ticket. You can select multiple tickets at once (make sure you tap on each one – scroll to the right, a black checkmark shows up on the bottom right for the tickets you are wanting to activate). You’ll show your activated ticket to the Monorail cashier. Once you activate, the ticket is valid for 10 minutes, so make sure you’re close to the cashier before activating.
To access Westlake Center Station, please use the stairwell/elevator on 5th Avenue between Pine Street and Olive Way.

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